Men want money, women want flexibility

Ever thought of what you would look for in a potential employer? The chances are that if you are a woman, your priorities would be far different to that of a man, according to new research from Randstad.

In a survey of more than 7,000 Australian job seekers, the research found that men are more likely to look for money and career progression; meanwhile women were found to be concerned with issues such as flexibility and a strong workplace culture.

The research is part of the build-up for the Randstad Awards, which will recognise Australia’s best employer later this month.

Randstad CEO Fred van der Tang said that the research demonstrated the need for a measured approach to talent attraction.

“It is important for employers to recognise that men and women often have very different requirements and it is wise to focus on applying this knowledge through the entire hiring process – from preparing the job description and writing the job ad, to conducting the final interview,” he said.

The survey found that the top priorities for males and females included:


Career progression opportunities

Financial stability

Strong management/leadership

Strong image & reputation

Long term job security


Flexible working environment

Strong workplace culture

Convenient location

Good work/life balance

Good learning & development

Source HR Leader